Sunday, May 31, 2009

Update on the physical conditioning of the Jacksons


Time is dwindling as the departure approaches. The final practice rides have been completed. All of the required purchases have arrived. Nothing left but to get on those bikes and RIDE! At this point there remains a final work day at the laboratory for Alan, a final day of school for Lewis, and Donna is now done with her obligations at Evergreen.

The weather has been fantastic for most of the month of May and the Jacksons have taken advantage it. A fully loaded, overnight camping ride was completed 3 weeks ago. Moritz participated in this one! He must be getting into cylcing shape as he managed to ride the entire time without having to walk up the hills. Yet everytime he is asked if he wants to reconsider and join the Jacksons, he just smiles! Last Saturday the longest ride of the year took place when Alan and Donna and Lewis rode nearly 70 miles. The first 50 miles found them cycling through Union en route to Sam Doyle's birthday party. They managed to pull in just minutes after the official start of the celebration at 3:00. They partied until nearly 7:00 before remounting and pedaling the final 16 miles back home. Moritz skipped this ride. He chose to stay behind, do some homework, and start some of the frenzied cleaning that was scheduled to begin the following day. This is in preparation of the anticipated arrival of the parents of Lewis' brother as well as the farewell party that will be happening this Saturday (2 days away).

That's all to report for now. Too many distractions and loose ends to concentrate on good prose. Next update will be after the Expedition has departed!

Update: Imminent Departure (5/31/2009)

Yesterday was the farewell party for Moritz and the Jacksons. Tomorrow we ride! It seems the whole town of Shelton is behind us as there was a fantastic fireworks display last night at 10:00. Perhaps it was just a coincidence as the Forest Festival in Shelton is happening this weekend but we prefer to think of it as Shelton saying goodbye to us!

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