Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bonus Material (at no extra charge)

The following is an entry taken verbatim from the personal journal of our little man, Lewis Jackson. I only wish you could see the illustrations that he has strategically placed along the margin of the page. I also wish that his handwriting was a bit better as it is a struggle to identify a few of the words. We'll definitely have to work on that as he will be in fourth grade this fall. No more excuses!

I encourage each of you followers to comment on his work. Any encoouragement that comes his way will make this journal writing task that we've forced on him that much easier. In addition, I'm hoping that this will inspire Donna to finally add her two cents worth as well. Both Donna and Lewis have been keeping private journals and some encouragement may inspire the both of them to contribute on a more regular basis. This can only increase the satisfaction that you, the readers, will take away from this blog. And now without further ado:

day #24 48 miles

Im so excited for today and Ill be more excited the 26th. the 24th is when transformers revenge of the fallen comes out the 26th is when I get to see it. I saw some really cool rafters and some really small kayaks. The kayaks can flip and go right back up. Anjin and Lucia have kayaks and a fun game called bochi ball you roll the ball and whoever ends up closest to the white ball wins


  1. I'm really glad that you're having fun. It's so cool that you get to go on a bike ride with your folks all the way across the country. It's great to hear about your adventures. Thanks for sharing with all of us.
    ~ Timothy

  2. Lewis,

    I enjoyed reading your journal entry. So what did you think of transformers? and did you eat popcorn at the movies? I love movie theatre popcorn. Looking forward to reading more of your entries, Lewis. Aunt Jill

  3. That sounds like a lot of fun Lewis! I hope you are having a great time riding with your parents!
    Kelsey and I saw Transformers this morning and it was awesome! I hope you enjoyed it as well!

    Alan and Donna, just informing you that your package had arrived yesterday.
    Everything is going well out here. I was surprised when I read the blog and saw that the Doyle's had come out to your house and picked some strawberries!

    Hope they tasted good and hope you guys are doing well! Have a safe trip over to D.C.

  4. Lewis, I'm glad you're having so much fun playing Bocci, shooting pool, swimming and meeting so many interesting people. You must be very special to have a friend who will drive all the way from Shelton to bring you fresh strawberries from your own garden! I'm so proud of you! Love, Aunt Paula