Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bonus Material from Lewis Jackson

Day 49

We went to the zoo today. Things I saw at the zoo: lions, bears, monkeys, pandas, re;ptiles, racooms foxes, deer and zebra. I got to swim at the motel that we're staying at for only 15 minutes because the times on the TV is screwd up. Did 13 miles. We're at half way point. Yay. Just 50 more days to go!

Day 50

For some reason every time I count the train cars they end up in 124's or 125's. Two 124's and one 125. Day #50 later. We're camping at this cool water park. I got to run threw a couple times. I got mom's wash rag stuck on a water pipe.

1 comment:

  1. Hey, guys! Love the water park pictures. You are just having wayyyyy to much fun! Nice to hear your comments, Lewis! Only 50 days to go but who is counting with all the fun you are having! Your cat and fish are great! Jenna is taking care of them very well! Your cat says, "Hi!" Oh, I mean, "MEOW". Lewis, you are now in the state that I was born in, Kansas! Hope you get to see a lot of sunflowers, it is the state flower of Kansas. Looking forward to reading more of your blogs! Heard or rather I read you got another transformer. Did you get your mother's rag off of the water pipe?
    Take care, Mrs. Salzer