Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bonus Material (Lewis)

Day #45

Do you know the worst part of the trip? Not the hills. Not the wind. Dads Farts! He never warns me except for when he says ‘plug your ears’ or ‘close your eyes’. He doesn’t say ‘hold your nose’.

We’re staying in a huge room in a huge motel for only 75 dollars. We were on a roller coaster path to get here.


  1. Lewis,

    I was going to warn you about the farts. Your cousing Josh did a bike trip in Michigan with your Dad on a tandam. When he got home and I was learning all about the trip. He commented that there was a lot of farts to deal with. Sorry, perhaps you could eat a lot of beans and switch positions with your dad. Keep up the good work!!!

  2. Hey Lewis
    I remember your mom saying the same thing as she sat behind your dad on our STP ride. Your doing a great job, keep on peddling.


  3. Hey, Lewis I don't know if my first blog was sent. So, I am going to write another comment.
    Riding behind explosions aren't fun. Be greatful,the wind eventually blows them away. Your cat is great! Caught a mouse in the garage and left half of it for Jenna! That was nice. She has to clean up the mice that Jessie, our cat gets. She is a great mouse cleaner upper. Keep us posted about your adventures. When you get roller blades you can come over to our house, we have lots of great rollerblading roads around our neighborhood.