Saturday, August 1, 2009

Bonus Material from Lewis

Day #58

So far my highlight for the trip is tresspassing the pool area for a shower. He/my dad had no choice. I wanted to shoot him with a water canon but we had to hide from any padestrian on the sidewalk or in the the car. It was hard to climb over the fence to the pool area. First, dad climbed over the fence and stood on the edge then he pulled me up on the rim then he got down. Then I said what about me?

Day #59

I saved the life of a turtle today. If you didn't hear much about day 56, it's because I was taking the day off. So for today we went to Katy's house to visit her. My dad went to her house 13 years ago. Her nick name is yodeling Katy. She gets up in the morning and yodels to them bikers "Get up you weary bikerrs, now rise and shine!".

Day # 60

The best thing about the trip so far is the pool today because it had foour water slides. Two were the big water slides and the other ones were small. Im not writing much today. The last thing to write is that my mom ran over me going down the water slide. The reason I'm no writing much is because I'm 3000 miles away from home and I'm getting home sick!

Day # 61 73 miles

I just got out of a swimming contest an hour ago. Nothing will beat the pool from yesterday. We just had a pencil dive contest, a splits contest, and a race across the pool short way. Oh, and the first one to pick up the cotton ball at the bottom of the pool. I lost that one.

There was a whirlwind that was coming right toward us, dad was joking about it sweeping us away.

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