Friday, August 28, 2009

Day 78 44 miles

I saved a cute and adorable baby turtle. It was so cute. I already saved a couple other turtles but not baby ones. I picked up part of a turtle shell on the side of the road. If you visit me I will probably show you the piece and a picture of the turtle. It was going to be a possibility we could camp behind Walmart but it was a motel.

Day 79 32 miles

Today was a short day. By that I mean we didn’t do that many miles today but at least we went to Walmart. I can draw a line star. It’s not as good as my friends or maybe it is. I bought Scorponock at Walmart also. He is a scorpian Transformer. We went in Walmart because it rained. We’re stayin in a Guest House overnight. It’s a really nice place next to the college.

Day 83 27 miles

We met up with my aunt and uncle Elly and Dan. We had a grill out and I had two hotdogs. That’s pretty muich all we did. Today was a good day, even if we didn’t do anything. I was so wound up I had too much energy.

Day 84 36 miles

We were supposed to do 70 miles but I smashed my toe in between the chain and the chain ring. I got to ride in a wheel chair at the hospital. They took X-rays and nothing was broken. I have two puncture spots on my toe. My toenail is probably going to fall off but it will grow back.

Day 85 48 miles
Today was a boring day. I’ll just write about the fun things that happened. I got to play Playstation 3 RockBand. I sang a Sponge Bob song and rocked away on the drums. Right now I’m surrounded by a lake of legos.l This guy (Sam) has some I’ve never seen before.

Day 87 60 miles

It’s like it’s the day off but I still have one thing to say. I went through the caverns. Stalagtites and stalagmites grow in the caverns. Stalagtites hang tight from the top and stalagmites might touch the top someday. I found a bat up in a cave. They turned off the lights so we could see what it was like. It was spooky.

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  1. Lewis: I loved your journals. Write more. You are a really good writer. Glad your toe is better. You're almost there, you one legged bigyclist. Congratulations!Love Grandma E.