Saturday, August 1, 2009

Thursday July 30

Our night in the motel was our first in quite a while. The last time I can remember was in Pueblo. We managed to get on the road by 9:00 which would normally spell trouble, but with cool temperatures predicted, we would probably be OK. A return trip to McDonalds for breakfast was the quickest answer to getting our breakfast taken care of but far from what I would have preferred which would have been just about anything else. The day started out overcast and very gloomy. If I hadn’t seen a weather forecast for the day, I would have been certain that rain was just around the corner. But the weathermen were right for once. The temps never topped 80 today and the cloud cover began breaking up around noon. Our arch enemy, the wind was beneficial today more than it has been in a while. This was a very good day! What I wouldn’t give for 20 or 30 more of these.

Our ride was through more cornfields but the hills are now starting to roll a bit more. A stop around noon for snacks and beverages was taken in Walnut Kansas. And 2 hours later we pulled into Girard Kansas where we had a legitimate lunch at a Sonic Franchise. For $3 you can get a hamburger and a shake which we all did. The final stretch of the day was another 16 miles and found us to be in Pittsburg Kansas, just 1 mile from the Missouri border. Barring the end of the world, we will be in Missouri tomorrow! Todays ride totaled 67 miles and was one of the easiest we’ve had in some time.

We pulled into Pittsburg at 4:30 and immediately located the city park. The pool was spectacular and we almost missed out. They were closing at 5 for the day. Since there was so little time left, we didn’t have to pay the $4 that they normally collect. So all 3 of us jumped into the pool and had a blast in the best swimming pool to date. This one had multiple water slides and multiple pools. But with cooler than normal temps, nobody turned out to swim. If it had been a hot day like normal, they would have had an evening session as well.

Now is journal time and I’m about done and Lewis is struggling. We’ll be heading into town soon to find a snack and some mega quantities of ice cold water. (and maybe a cold beer too) After not having seen Lewis’ girlfriends for a day and a half, they showed up at the pool just minutes after we did and are going to be camping next to us again tonight. That’s about all I have to report on this the 60th day of our adventure. Wait, Wait, I have to tell one and all that I love my wife Donna. I put her on a gilded pedestal for accompanying me on this hair brained adventure. And though she is now a muilti-colored woman, I have to admit that she hasn’t looked better than she does right now. I can explain multi-colored best with a photograph showing a bikers strange tan lines. Perhaps one will be available soon. It might be mine!

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